It was an eventful night at the BRITs, but not just because awards were handed out and artist performed their hits live. It was LIT when Harry Styles and Lewis Capaldi shared a big kiss on the lips for all to see.

@lewiscapaldi how does it feel seeing someone else live your dream x #lewiscapaldi #harrystyles ♬ Pointless – Chorus – Lewis Capaldi

Even Lewis was freaking out. You can hear him say at the end of his TikTok “I just kissed Harry Styles on the lips. I’m fully erect.” This commentary fits his whole vibe on TikTok.

This isn’t the first time he’s locked lips with a former member of One Direction though. Even people in comments made note that he’s kissed Niall Horan before.

Collecting 1D members like infinity stones

First Niall, now Harry whose next

I need to know how Louis Tomlinson feels about this 😂

Lewis is Bringing 1D back with Kissing them🤭

2 down and 3 to go

i’m placing my bet on Louis next

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