Halsey posted a photo on Instagram yesterday that has the world wondering if this means her and Yungblud are official.

Not long after her split with G-Eazy, rumors began to circle about various new love interests that could be courting Halsey. That of course was about the same time she dropped this song and video on us. The video leaves little to the imagination with respect to WHO the song is about.

The first relationship rumor to come out was John Mayer. These rumors were based on some low key flirty posts on Instagram. It was later proven that flirting is all it really was.

Then there was the whole Machine Gun Kelly rumor that was fueled by the Eminem/MGK feud. Needless to say, Halsey was NOT impressed with MGK through this whole ordeal.

Then the name Yungblud came to the surface. This time, Halsey didn’t deny she was dating him but instead offered that she was just dating casually, focusing on her career and taking it easy.

It seems that any denials about her and Yungblud can be put to bed. Look at what she posted on Instagram yesterday.


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camden: now with a cuter filter 🖤

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That’s the aforementioned “Yungblud”. He’s gently embracing Hals and she added a black heart emoji to the caption. If that isn’t the start of a beautiful relationship, I don’t know what is!

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