Because we all have tons of extra income right now…amiright?  Not saying mom isn’t worth it…but maybe just making her a card or drawing/painting a picture would be fantastic???  Or any of the handmade gifts in the video??

But if you are so inclined and want nothing but the best for mom, Gwyneth Paltrow and the team at Goop have compiled an amazing gift guide. Included among their list of recommendations is a sauna, $30,000 Cartier watch and other pricey goods in the thousands range. Last year, their guide came out to $82,000. However, in 2020 it’s not totally clear how much one would have to shell out to get every single item on the list. To get a comprehensive total cost of their favorite items is difficult because some of the products listed are so exclusive, they require a phone call to get a price quote. But based on the prices listed, it would come at a price of over $85,000.Not to say every product is going to put a dent in the wallet. There are plenty of gifts that are worth every penny, whether it’s for a mom that loves to cook or for a true yogi. To see for yourself, check out just a few of the ideas below!

Most Expensive Item: It may be the same price as a car, but this $30,800 Cartier watch is loaded with diamonds, white gold and a blue alligator leather strap.Most Affordable Item: The G. Tox Ultimate Dry Brush may be the most affordable item on the list, but don’t underestimate its ability to get the job done. This Goop product scrapes away any and all dry skin, leaving the body as smooth as can be.
Most Goop-ified Item: In times like these, it wouldn’t hurt to buy mom a “Distant Energy” Healing Session. The team at oop recommends the services of healer Caitlin Marino, who offers a variety of therapy sessions involving energy or reiki starting from $150. If she’s more into astrology, there’s also an astrological chart reading from Heidi Rose.Most Extravagant Item: If the Cartier watch isn’t flashy enough, then the Hermès Vintage Kelly Box Bag will do the trick. It will put you out $12,000, but it sure is pretty. And for a more low-end of the budget any of the other $5,000 Chanel bags will work. It’s the thought that counts after all.
For the Mom Who’s Social Distancing: Whether your mama is bored or in the need of a coffee fix, the people at Goop have it covered. They recommend the Boobs 450 piece puzzle by Jiggy, which is quite literally a puzzle of drawings of boobs. It’s both an entertaining way to pass time and an artistic item, coming in at $40. As for the coffee, they found great pleasure in using the Anza White Espresso Machine. At a cost of $1,275, this machine offers a cafe-quality espresso from the comfort of the home, especially helpful since most coffee shops are currently shuttered. And if your mother doesn’t drink coffee, she can always go with the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite or the Vacuum Blender, a bargain at $500 and $650 respectively.For the Mom Who Needs Some Me-Time: As always, Gwyneth likes to include a product that focuses on the nether region of the female body. This time around, they’re featuring the Vesper Vibrator Necklace. At $149, this functions as both a waterproof sex toy or a chic necklace to wear on a night out with the significant other. Most importantly, this charges via a USB cord in 40 minutes or less. Versatile and functional, it’s a win win.



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