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Gut Check: #BluePoopChallenge

So if you’ve been seeing #BluePoopChallenge trending on Twitter or Instagram, it’s actually a health thing started by health science company, ZOE. They wanted to come up with a fun way to challenge people to track their bowel transit time to see if their digestive system is healthy.

So if you want to take the #BluePoopChallenge, you start by eating two muffins that contain royal blue dye. Then, you track how long it takes to go from food to feces. The time that it takes for food to move through your entire digestive system and be excreted is called gut transit time.  The time it takes to make its way through your system can tell you how well nutrients are being absorbed.

You can buy a kit with four of the muffins from ZOE’s website for $2.99 plus $3.99 for shipping, or you can follow the recipe and make them at home.  A few tips if you aren’t a muffin fan, you can modify the challenge to make blue pancakes or eggs. You just need to eat solid food for the challenge, because liquids are detected and processed differently by your stomach.  You eat two muffins (or pancakes or eggs), then watch the toilet for when the blue dye starts showing up.  Then plug in the time into ZOE’s website and answer some questions like your age, height, weight, and gender, as well as the food that you eat.  They will tell you if your gut transit time is fast, slow or average.




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