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God Is A Woman By Camila?

Hard to imagine it now, but Ariana Grande’s top 10 hit almost never was… for her at least. In an interview on his radio show fellow pop star, Camila Cabello revealed that “God Is A Woman” was originally her song, but she ended up passing on it. After originally being introduced to the track, Camila wrote verses to the chorus which had been completed already and even recorded the demo!  “I think they had the chorus for the song and then I wrote verses to it, but it just didn’t end up sounding right for me. So she and everybody wrote her version and it sounded amazing” said Camila, explaining how she wound up deciding against the hit to be.

Enter Ariana Grande, who took the song and turned it into an absolute banger. Ari would see it reach number 8 on the Billboard charts with the music video having more than 250 million views since it was released.

Despite the songs success, Camila holds no grudge! When asked about collaborating with Ari and their relationship she added, “I would love that! I love her! She’s my friend!” Actually it’s not that surprising to hear that it landed in Ariana’s hands after Camila passed. It’s actually pretty common for songs to be passed between different artists if one chooses to not release it or move forward with it.

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