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Glitter Cranberry Sauce Is A Thing

Move over PSL…glitter cranberry sauce is here to thrust us into the holiday spirit!

It comes from Firebox, which specializes in weird products you didn’t know you needed, and they are excited about it.The description of this glittery goodness is pretty extra: “This cranberry sauce takes the biscuit, every time,” “Just look at it. It’s glittery! Packed with a mad level of edible shimmer, if this doesn’t scream ‘CELEBRATION!’ at the top of its lungs then nothing does.”

But actually, it’s not just about the glitter — though the glitter is clearly the star of the show. This cranberry sauce delivers on an unusual flavor palate, with a boozy-fruity twist you probably haven’t tried. “You simply can’t beat the cranberry-orange-vodka combo,” the description reads. “To be honest with you, we can’t believe nobody’s thought of it before.” It’s gonna cost you a little extra…$12.99 for 210-gram jar. But it is glittery, made with vodka, and will look great on your ‘gram — so it may be worth the investment.



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