Source: YouTube

A little girl from Trenton, Ohio, with a huge heart has been selling popsicles for a big reason.

For the past four years, 11-year-old Lilian Moore has set up a popsicle stand to make money. She says that in the beginning, she wanted to buy a Disney souvenir on their family vacation. But now her goal is much bigger. Her mom, Tiffani Moore, was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer when Lilian was 18 months old.  So now her goal is to send money to the cancer research institute METAvivor, which concentrates on stage four cancer. 

“I feel really happy that I can be there for her and help her, but sometimes it makes me feel sad that, you know, that she’ll never be fully cured,” Lilian said. “But I want to help the best I can.” Her mom said, “I don’t know many 11-year-olds, let alone an 8-year-old, because that’s when she started doing this, that would decide, ‘You know what? I want it to raise money, and I’m not keeping it for myself. I want to raise it for a bigger cause.’ 

So far this year, Lilian raised $5,636 of her $3,000 goal.

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