Ginuwine tried to conquer his fear at a Criss Angel magic show, and while things quickly went wrong, his rep says “everything is OK.” He volunteered for the stunt for Angel’s Magic With The Stars show in Las Vegas earlier this week. The stunt involved Ginuwine holding his breath underwater to overcome his fear, since he can’t hold his breath for longer than 15 seconds.

Things go south pretty quickly once they start and that’s when crew members standing by quickly open the tank. They ask him if he’s OK and he nods his head “yes” before he’s carried onto the surface. It’s at this point when he passed out, but a rep says “everything is OK” and he made a full recovery. In fact, Ginuwine went ahead with the show, moving people to tears.

He’s one of many celebs taking part in Magic With The Stars, which premieres Saturday, October 22nd on The CW.



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