Fyre Festival’s Andy King nearly degraded himself to help the doomed music festival. Now the memes have him “blown away”!

Fyre Festival was in a jam. All of the bottled water they ordered and had delivered to Great Exuma in the Bahamas was held up at customs. The water would not be released until they had paid import taxes. Unfortunately, Fyre Festival was out of money and had no water. So the festival’s creator Billy McFarland (pictured above) called on Fyre Festival partner Andy King to “take one for the team“.

Since Fyre Festival has gained international notoriety and we learned what “take one for the team” actually means, Andy King memes have been popping up every where and in his own words, Andy is “blown away” by them. He actually said that!

It’s like my good friend Phil said to me. Hey, at least we all know that Andy’s a ride or die type of guy! That he is, Phil. That he is.

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