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Funniest WiFi Names

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Kudos if you happen to have come up with any of these clever and funny WiFi names! compiled this list of steal-worthy WiFi names:

Clever WiFi names 

1. Free for 1 day

2. Use at your own risk

3. Very slow internet

4. Nacho WiFi

5. Mom, Click Here for Internet

6. Get Your Own WiFi

7. Pay $1 Per Hour

8. Hack If You Can

9. Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!

10. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi

11. Don’t Even Try It

12. 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable

13. Go Home Tourist

14. NSA Surveillance

15. Weak Signal 

16. Is it me you’re looking for?

17. Invalid ID

18. No connection found

19. Nope, not this one either

20. Free virus 

21. The solo LAN

22. Pay up now

23. Connect now get hacked later

24. Sorry, this one’s not free either

25. Come on and slam and welcome to the LAN

Funny WI-FI names

26. Get Off My LAN

27. BatLAN and Robin

28. Revenge of the Wi-Fi

29. IAmUp2NoZGood

30. Luke, I am your wifi

31. Snow Wifi

32. Iron LAN

33. Dunder MiffLAN

34. Lord of the Wi-Fi

35. Bill Wi the Science Fi

36. LAN of the Free

37. Winternet is Coming

38. Free for one day

39. Leave cookies on my porch for the password

41. Sorry, only for smart people

42. Modem Family

43. Benjamin FrankLAN

44. Winona Router

45. Friendly Neighborhood Spider

46. LANdo Calrissian

47. Dora the Internet Explorer

48. Ignore this one

49. This one is super slow not worth it 

50. How is the signal from there?

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