Source: YouTube

Heartbreaking footage is being shared of former “General Hospital” actor Johnny Wactor working as a bartender having fun with coworkers as they clean up before he was shot and killed leaving work.

Anita Joy  was a coworker in that video who was with him when they walked out to find three thieves attempting to steal the catalytic converter off his car. Wactor positioned himself in front of her with his arms up trying to diffuse the situation once he realized what was happening. He was shot and she shouted “Hunny you ok?” He answered, “Nope. Shot.” and fell in her arms. She said his “wounds were too extreme to survive, but my God, he fought to stay.”

Joy wanted the world to know what a great guy he was, so “goofy, full of work ethic and values. Johnny made you love him instantly.” Three suspects are wanted in connection to his murder.

A GoFundMe to cover his funeral has passed $100,000, and whatever is left will go to charity.

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