Ford Motor Company is bringing back the SUV infamously used as a getaway car by O.J. Simpson — on the disgraced football star’s 73rd birthday.

They will roll out the 2021 Ford Bronco on July 9…and no, they didn’t plan it that way. A Ford rep said the launch date falling on O.J.’s birthday was “purely coincidental” and they aren’t changing it.

Just a refresher in the history…ninety-five million people watched live on June 12, 1994 as cops chased Simpson’s white 1993 Bronco down Interstate 405 in Los Angeles. After an 11-month trial, Simpson was acquitted of murder of his ex-wide Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. A civil trial later found him responsible for their deaths.

Despite a brief uptick in sales after Simpson’s failed escape, Ford discontinued the original Bronco in 1996, after a 30-year run. Until now.

UPDATE: They have now decided to move the launch back to July 13th. 


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