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Fisherman Reunited With Girl They Saved 35 Years Ago

This story will give you chills all over!


Thirty-five years ago, Mark Pisano and Paul Strasser were piloting a charter returning from Catalina Island off California’s coast when they spotted a capsized boat and a life vest bobbing up and down in the water.  Pisano immediately dove in and pulled nine-year-old Desiree Rodriguez out of the waves. She was the only survivor. The little girl’s mother, father, sister, aunt, and uncle died during the incident and she had been in the water for 20 hours when the fishermen rescued her. Can you even imagine??? Well that was the last time they saw her and obviously, always wondered how she was doing. 

So podcaster Phil Friedman thought it was an amazing story and invited the men to tell it on his show.  During the episode, Friedman surprised the men with having Desiree as a secret guest!!  They were super emotional once they realized who she was.  After that, they have stayed in touch and even took Desiree and the aunt who raised her and other family back out to the place she was rescued in the ocean! It was the first time she had been back there in 35 years! 



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