Fans Think Miley Cyrus Released A Secret Album Using An Alter Ego

The latest pop music conspiracy theory on TikTok is that Miley Cyrus has released a secret album that was once scrapped in 2020. The album found on streaming platforms is under the artist name “Clara Pierce.”

A TikToker @keenanblogger, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, put out a video yesterday bringing up the whole story about a mysterious artist with no Google results putting out a full album on the exact same day that Miley Cyrus release Endless Summer Vacation.

@keenanblogger Miley Cyrus secret album “Hands of Time” released under name Clara Pierce. What do we think, folks?? #mileycyrus #clarapierce #handsoftime #hannahmontana #ashleyo ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

When you hear the songs by “Clara Pierce,” it’s unmistakably Miley. However, some commenters on TikTok are claiming that these are simply unreleased songs from Miley that a fan must have leaked online. However, @keenanblogger went on to make a follow-up video to “confirm” his theory.

@keenanblogger Miley Cyrus IS Clara Pierce. Now the question, how did she get here? What do you think? #mileycyrus #clarapierce ♬ Angels Like You – Miley Cyrus

One comment references all the characters Miley has played:  “So she’s Hannah Montana, Ashley O, and now Clara Pierce?! I can’t keep up anymore 😅”

We’re hoping Miley will comment on this whole thing.

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