If you’ve seen a hashtag floating around out there #FREEBRITNEY, it’s because of a fan theory that’s gaining some steam. There seems to be some evidence to support that Britney Spears is being held in a treatment facility.

Hosts of a podcast called Britney Gram started connecting some dots that are making people think she didn’t voluntarily check herself in for mental treatment.  It’s all related to her ongoing conservatorship that she is legally under. The podcast recently featured an episode that played a voicemail from an anonymous person who claimed to be a former member of Britney’s team.

As many fans have noted, she actually has very little control over her own actions — for example, she is not even allowed to drive a car — therefore the notion that she would willingly be allowed to enter a rehab without getting approval first is concerning to some.

Notably, it appears as if Spears’ own mother — Lynne Spears — has liked posts using the “Free Britney” hashtag, which for some is a sign that she may know the truth about Spears’ situation.

On the other side, however, the Britney’s Gram podcast hosts say that “Britney’s own business manager Lou Taylor are deleting, blocking and ignoring all comments involving Britney.”

Many fans have been commenting on the story and sharing the podcast, expressing how they have become convinced that Spears is practically a prisoner.

“Well I just wept in a Trader Joe’s listening to this podcast. I can’t emphasize enough how f—ed up this is and how worried I am,” one fan tweeted. “I’ve sort of always known her team was abusive deep down but I am gutted thinking about what she’s going through.”

“She deserves to make her own choices. She deserves to be in control of her own life,” another fan commented. “She deserves the simple human rights she’s been stripped off. She deserves to be free. #freebritney.”


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