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Ed Sheeran Says His Daughter Cries When He Sings…Not In A Good Way LOL

Ed Sheeran said his daughter Lyra isn’t exactly his biggest fan when it comes to his music. Not yet anyway.

“I’ll sing [my new songs] to my daughter, who’s not my biggest fan. She just cries,” “No, I’ve got some she likes. She really likes ‘Shape of You.’ The marimba sound is good, but she doesn’t like anything loud or anything belt-y.”

In the meantime, Ed says this is the first time he’s been really healthy. “I’ve kind of stopped all the bad habit stuff in my life. Started exercising every day. I was eating like a takeaway every single day, and now I don’t eat takeaway every single day and it’s been good.” His eating habits got better when he came off his tour “because I wasn’t having chicken wings and two bottles of wine a night.”

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