ATTENTION all Ed Sheeran fans: You can now play with the same kind of guitars as the man himself!

He started a new line of acoustic guitars called, “Sheeran by Lowden,” made by high quality Northern Ireland guitar company. Ed Sheeran has always been a fan of handmade guitars ever since he saw his teenage hero Damien Rice playing them, however they can be tricky to track down.

In 2013, Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody got one commissioned for Sheeran as a gift made by George Lowden himself! The guitars Lowden makes are amazing because he works with aerospace engineers to find new ways and sources to make them from including old church pews and fallen trees!

Now, the two have collaborated for the Ed Sheeran guitar line by creating two different handmade styles in the collection. The two styles include the S series which is a small body size and the W Series which is Wee Lowden body size.

WARNING: The guitars do not come with Ed’s golden pipes! LOL!
Sheeran by Lowden guitars will be available to order through select music merchants. Check where you can buy one here! 

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