Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went back to the 7-Eleven in Hawaii he used to go to as a kid over the weekend for one very specific reason…to make amends.  “When I was 14 years old, every day I used to stop here at this 7-Eleven and steal a king-sized Snickers bar because I couldn’t afford to buy one,” “That was my pre-workout food. I did that for almost a year every day. I had to come back and buy every Snickers bar on those shelves.”



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He said it had been “gnawing” at him for years, so to make up for it…he bought up shelves of the candy and paid for waiting customers’ orders before leaving a large bag of the treats on the counter. “I’m going to leave these here. If someone looks like they’re stealing Snickers, give them these then they won’t steal,” he told the employees.  The other thing he mentioned is that the same clerk was always there when he’d steal, and never busted him.

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