At Dunkin’, Snoop is the brand ambassador for Beyond Meat and to honor his hard work Dunkin’ is rolling out a bunch of new merch.

Snoop helped dream up a signature sandwich at Dunkin called the “Beyond D-O-Double G,” which you should absolutely try if you haven’t yet.

This breakfast sandwich is made with a Beyond Breakfast Sausage patty, egg, and cheese and uses a sliced glazed donut as a bun.

Snoop was also awarded the title of Employee of the Month by Dunkin’, so it’s only fitting that now he gets a whole line of merch, too.


The online shop will have lots of options to choose from, including green tracksuits, bomber jackets, beanies, and a few different sweatshirts.

They each follow a green, orange, and white color scheme, similar to the branding of the Beyond D-O-Double G sandwich.

The Dunkin’ x Snoop Dogg store will be launching February 5 at 12p.m. so head over to their shop to try to buy yours.

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