Remember last February when Heidi Klum said that she was totally down to f*** with Drake? Well he clearly got the message, because he got her number from a friend and texted her a few months later! But….why’d she GHOST him?

Yesterday Heidi was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and she said she had just met her now fiance. She apologized on the show to Drake but honestly it was kind of harsh.

“Sorry, Drake! Snooze you lose! You know what I mean? He was basically a week too late.” she said. YIKES…called out Drake. Can we also take a minute to marinade in the fact that he was only ONE WEEK TOO LATE!?!

She also showed the audience what his one word text was by re-enacting it to the audience…we can only guess that it is the emoji with the raised eyebrow. Can somebody spell AWKWARD!!! We’re not even in this relationship and we feel awkward for them. At least Heidi Klum is now engaged. Check out that rock!!

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