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Drake’s tour landed in St. Louis on Tuesday night, and while on stage, he noticed a fan holding a sign that asked for his help. “You got a sign out that says, ‘Please help me with my surgery.’ I don’t know what kind of surgery you need, sir. I really don’t, but I’ma let you know: From me to you, St. Louis love, we gonna take care of whatever the surgery is.” And he said the fans has to come back and see him the next time he performs in St. Louis. 

And while in Nashville, Drake made another magical moment for a breast cancer survivor named Lauren. She had just finished her last round of chemo and her friend invited her out to the Drake show at Bridgestone Arena. So she made a sign about what she’d been through just in case.  The best part is when Drake asked to make a special moment for someone in the crowd, everyone around Lauren who saw her sign, pointed their cell phone lights at it so Drake would see it. He did…and promised her $100,000!!!!

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