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“Drake & Josh” star Drake Bell is at the center of a scathing documentary highlighting the dark side of children’s programming. “Quiet on the Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV”. The series focuses on allegations of inappropriate behavior from producers, and in Bell’s case, acting coach Brian Peck. The first four episodes garnered 16 million viewers across ID and streaming platforms, and sparked apologies from directors. Bell, now 37,  told “The Sarah Fraser Show” podcast he thinks the network’s response sounded very “tailored, saying, ‘Learning about his trauma,’ because they couldn’t say that they didn’t know about this or what had happened, or anything.”  He continued, “I find it pretty empty, their responses, because, I mean, they still show our shows, they still put our shows on.”

A surprise fifth episode titled Breaking The Silence, will air April 7th on Investigation Discovery and stream on Max. The new installment will be “building off the revelations explored in the first four episodes” and includes a conversation led by journalist Soledad O’Brien on “where the industry can go from here.”

Matthew Underwood from “Zoey 101” is now coming forward saying his experiences with sexual abuse led him to walk away from Hollywood, though he said he never had a bad experience with Dan Schneider.


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