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Disney Releases Line Of Wheelchair And Adaptive Costumes

Wheelchair covers are not a new concept thanks to charities and non-profits like Magic Wheelchair, who have been making holidays, conventions, and Halloween more inclusive by creating elaborate rolling costumes for fans who use wheelchairs. Disney is now jumping in the game and making it even easier and more affordable to turn wheelchairs into fantasy rides, with matching costumes for kids who use them.

Magic Wheelchair has to rely on donations and volunteers to design and build these special costumes, which often take weeks to create. That means they are costly to make. So at $50 each, Disney’s new wheelchair covers are way more affordable and easier to install. You can currently get them in Incredibles 2 Incredimobile, Buzz Lightyear and Cinderella’s Coach designs.  Last summer Target revealed its own line of adaptive cosplay would be available, including wheelchair covers and costumes with removable accessories  and is expanding that line this year.



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