Disney is still trying to do damage control following reports that the company donated to every sponsor of Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill. After Pixar staff publicly accused the company of censoring gay affection in their films last week, reports emerged over the weekend that a previously-cut same-sex kiss has now been restored to the movie Lightyear. The Pixar origin tale stars Chris Evans as the astronaut upon which the Buzz Lightyear action figure in Toy Story is based. Uzo Aduba co-stars as a character named Hawthorne, an astronaut in a relationship with another woman. A kiss between the characters had been cut. Now, it’s apparently back in the film.

The bill aims to prohibit sexual discussion of any kind for Kindergarten through third grade despite the false narrative that it prohibits speaking of gender identity in all schools for everyone. It’s ONLY geared at kids in K-3rd grade.

In other Disney scandal news, 4 Disney employees were among the 108 people arrested on child sex trafficking charges. The arrests were after a six-day undercover human trafficking operation in Florida. They are also under fire by parents for mature content on Disney+ for some Marvel series.

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