Did Taylor Swift Write A Song About #Jelena?

Question…? Do you think that Taylor Swift was writing a song about someone else’s heartbreak on the Midnights album? Seventeen has already started this conversation explaining that Taylor’s lyrics in “Question…?” describe a couple in third person, so perhaps she wasn’t singing about her own experience. Maybe it was about her bestie Selena Gomez’s experience dating Justin Bieber.

The lyrics talk about a “good girl” and a “sad boy” in the third person, leading fans to believe that Taylor wasn’t singing about herself and an ex, but a separate couple.

After further sleuthing, many fans thought that maybe it was Selena who was singing background vocals toward the end of the song. What do you think?

All of this speculation comes conveniently at a time when Selena Gomez fans and Hailey Biebers fans feel they are feuding, so take that as you will.

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