If you need a mystery solved, call a Swiftie!

Taylor Swift fans may have uncovered another Easter Egg left behind courtesy of a post on Instagram and Twitter Monday evening.


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Not a lot going on at the moment

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Not a lot there, right? WRONG!! It all points to May 8th.

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Swifties have noticed that the photo was posted on Twitter and Instagram at EXACTLY 5:08 p.m. ET. If you translate that into a date, it would be May 8th. Well, it just so happens that the date, May 8th, is next week (a Friday), which is usually the day artists release new music.

Taylor also makes a reference to the number 58 in her music video for “The Man.” At around the 2:44 minute mark, a message for the opening of a wedding scene reads, “58 Years Later.”

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