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Did Any Of The “Friends” Cast Hook Up?

As we ramp up to the highly anticipated “Friends” reunion streaming tomorrow on HBO Max, the cast has been asked tons of burning questions!  So did any of the cast members hook up in real life?

No..they wanted to keep their friendships in tact!

And another juicy tidbit is making fans go nuts…when they are asked about favorite co-stars!  Jennifer Aniston had one in particular she mentions was fabulous!

Buckle up for all the feels too!  They admitted to lots of tears walking on the set again after all these years.

“It’s been a wonderful couple of days,” Matthew Perry said. “It’s been very nostalgic… seeing the old set and seeing the crew. It’s a very loving, tight-knit group, and when we see each other, it’s a very heartwarming thing.”

Lisa Kudrow says: “I walked on the set and I had no idea that seeing everything look exactly the same and these incredible friends — even though I see these two a lot — I still was like, ‘Jen, are you crying as much as me?'” 

“I couldn’t shut it off,” Aniston admitted of her own emotional reaction. “I couldn’t even plug it, nothing.”

“It was the most emotional [day],” Courtney Cox admitted. “I had slept so well the night before, woke up, and I wasn’t nervous at all, was just feeling good. And the first question, ‘How do you feel?’ And I just started crying.”

David Schwimmer knew from the first table read there was something special with this cast. “We felt from the first table read of the pilot, without having met any of the others beforehand, we all felt kind of an instant chemistry,”  “I remember being incredibly impressed with the other five actors. I just thought this was the best casting I had ever seen or been a part of.”

“It was just something,” Aniston agreed. “It was unexplainable.”


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