Did A Fan Faint After Meeting Harry Styles?

When Harry Styles was introduced and came out to walk down the audience aisle on the final episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, a fan got a fist bump then appeared to faint.

Her name is Cyndi H, and she got on Tik Tok to explain that wasn’t the case. “THIS WAS ME AND I DID NOT FAINT,” she wrote. “I simply gracefully melted into my seat after the man locked eyes w me.” “When I was finger-wagging, I think—honestly I blacked out—but when I was finger-wagging, I remember saying, ‘Come on, king! Yes, king!’” she said. “And that was the thing that made him look at me … I fully shortcircuited. And basically, the moment that you see, the .2 seconds, felt like a literal minute long.”



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