While promoting No Time To Die on a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Daniel Craig dropped a nugget about filming Spectre that resulted in him bolting and hiding from his massive co-star Dave Bautista.  Via IndieWire:

“I threw a punch and hit him on the nose,” Craig said. “I heard this crack and I was like ‘Oh God no’ and ran away. I thought he was going to come after me, but he was so sweet.”

Craig said that Bautista set his nose back in place and production continued, adding, “He’s a lot tougher than I am. I’ll give him that.”

Turnabout’s fair play as later Craig made the mistake of asking Bautista to be more forceful while throwing him against a wall, and he immediately regretted that decision.

“I ended up on the wall, but my knee was over here somewhere,” “I knew and it was horrible because if anyone’s had a serious injury, you just know in your head that something is really wrong.”

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