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“Dancing Dad” Spreads Positivity To Celebrate Son Beating Cancer

Kennith Allen Thomas is the Internet’s “dancing dad,” and is spreading positivity with his daily father-son dance clips.

His little boy, Kristian, won his battle with leukemia in 2018. They were told he was probably in for a 300 day fight, but was declared cancer-free in half that time.



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Kenny is a dad of four and says their world was flipped upside down to daily bloodwork and more than a month in the hospital for chemo in 2018.  He was forced to cut back on operations at his New Jersey dance studio, but started dancing daily for his son to keep spirits up.  He said, “I took all those strategies and tools that I learned as a dancer and choreographer, and I set the tone for my family, set the tone for the doctors, the team.”  It worked. And he’s still sharing their story to show the power of positive thinking.

“The one thing that was very, very powerful was that we were helping a lot of people that were in that same situation or other situations that were battling their own thing,” he stated.



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