Couple Gets Married at Costco in Harry Potter Attire

It’s cuffing season and love is in the air baby. A couple got married at Costco while rocking Harry Potter themed clothing. Whatever floats your boat!

The couple got married at a California Costco in the Mission Valley neighborhood of San Diego where they had their first date! “We have so much in common, but Costco is the first thing,” the bride told the outlet.

How do you have a fist date at Costco, just curious?? The groom shared his memories from it. “I remember the way we meandered up and down the aisles and how I completely forgot to get most of the things I had on my list because I couldn’t take my eyes off of you,” the groom recalled in his vows.

That honestly is cringe-y. YIKES. Anyways, we can’t forget about the Harry Potter part of the wedding. The bride rocked a scarlet wedding gown, to show her pride for her Gryffindor House colors! Her bouquet was made out of paper flowers made with pages from the J.K. Rowling novel. The groom sported a blue and bronze tie with his navy suit to represent Ravenclaw.

Friends, family and of course the Costco staff were all at the wedding! Love is in the air!




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