It was the moment we had been waiting for all season…the #fencejump.  And it did not disappoint.

Colton put it ALL OUT THERE that he thought he was going to have the night he had waiting HIS WHOLE LIFE FOR. Watching him shake with his shattered heart was TBH really hard to watch. I mean, there have ALWAYS been those not-here-for-the-right-reasons chicks, but typically they get weeded out before Fantasy Suite time. Oh MAN. She was going to take the man’s V-CARD for CRYING OUT LOUD. And he threw end game out there when he sensed she was leaving.  He flat out TOLD HER SHE WAS THE ONE. No matter what timeline she needed…no proposal, no problem. He just wants her. And WE ARE DESTROYED FOR HIM.

Chris Harrison apologized for getting sweary..but clearly he was taken off guard.

Twitter pointed things out.

Oh dang…yeah this is prob 100% accurate…

Poor Hannah didn’t even get a shot at the Fantasy Suite!!!



The Women Tell All is going to be #SAVAGE…but the question remains: Is Colton still a virgin???

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