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“Cleaning Fairy” Cleaned The Wrong House

This starts as kind of a Setting the Bar…but we end in the Feel Good lane…

A New Jersey man who cleans homes for some extra cash shared the story of how he accidentally went to the wrong townhouse — and left it spotless.  Louis Angelino III is 27, works a regular job at a liquor store, but lately he has been cleaning homes for friends to make extra money. Well he told this whole story on Tik Tok about how he was supposed to clean his friend Mark’s house…found the key under the mat, spent 2 ½ hours cleaning it and was playing with the cats when Mark called to check in. That’s when he realized he wrote down Mark’s address wrong and was off by a digit. Mark left a note for his neighbors telling them…they thought it was funny and said she’d keep his number for future cleaning needs! He said he is crowdfunding to make T-shirts to promote his services.

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