Chris Martin cleared up some headlines during a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show., and confirmed there is an end in sight for new Coldplay albums.

He says yes, the band will make three more albums and they’ll all be released by 2025. One of them is going to be the soundtrack for a movie musical they plan on writing!

“I think that’s what feels right to us,” Chris said. “I think we’ll keep touring and we’ll always be together as a group of musicians and friends, but I think the story of our albums ends then. Like Harry Potter finishes at a certain point.”

He’s enjoyed the freedom they’ve had to change up their music: “We’re so lucky that we get to just follow what feels right. That’s what we decided to do. That’s why our music changes a bit. Sometimes we lose people and we get other people in. But, really, it’s become so fun since we just had the privilege of following what feels correct. Everybody should do it.”



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