Chris Harrison is speaking out about his 2021 exit from the Bachelor franchise on his podcast, admitting he was “heartbroken and “gutted” by the scandal. “I lost 20 pounds. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t eat…”

His podcast, by the way, is perfectly named “The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever…With Chris Harrison” (a nod to a phrase used OFTEN through his time with Bachelor Nation). He reveals who he thinks should have taken over hosting duties after his exit (Wells Adams). AND dropped this juicy nugget:

“(There are) a few people that are sitting in Hollywood right now nervous as Hell that I’m doing a podcast and I guess I would say to those people, if you’re nervous, maybe you should be.” His fiancee, “Entertainment Tonight” reporter Lauren Zima, joined him for the second part of the convo talking about navigating the aftermath of leaving the popular show in scandal. He was dropped by the network due to what they deemed controversial comments during an interview in February 2021 involving photos from a contestant’s past. Harrison merely suggested were the photos scandalous at the time they were taken or just by today’s standards?  Suggesting the audience show grace and give her the benefit of the doubt led to his ouster.

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