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A Chicago businessman made news for giving back to his community in a big way last weekend.

Multi-millionaire Willie Wilson is known around Chicago as a local leader, owner of several fast food franchises, founder of a medical supply company, and producer of a nationally syndicated gospel music program. In the past, he has held multiple giveaways to uplift his city.

Wilson gave out $333,000 worth of $50 food coupons at more than two dozen grocery stores in two counties and $50 in free gas at participating gas stations.

He also helped inmates at Cook County Jail by adding money to their books for necessities like toothpaste and underwear. When asked why he wanted to do this, it was rooted in growing up poor and not having enough to eat. 

Wilson has scheduled another giveaway in his native state of Louisiana for later in December and plans to hold another food and gas giveaway in Chicago next year.

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