If you follow Charlie Puth on Tik Tok, you got a sneak peek at his next album. He shares his process quite a bit on his profile.

Puth saidI’m going to call the album, ‘Charlie’. It’s done. I’ve made most of it on TikTok. My goal for this album is for everybody to know every song title before it comes out. I love the fact that ‘Light Switch’ has been teased for months, and people are making bootlegs of it.

“Some producers have even taken, run it through Isotope, and taken the accapella’s, and made their own versions of ‘Light Switch’. I love that. I think music should be twisted and pulled in many different directions. That was just the goal for this album, and I’m really excited for people to hear it.”

Puth started writing the album in 2019 but ended up scrapping it all. During the pandemic, he dove into TikTok and that changed how he approached songwriting. He added how TikTok is a “safe place” where he can reach out and connect with his fans. In the meantime, you can catch him a Super Bowl ad:

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