CBS Sunday Morning profiled Charlie Puth as he promotes his third album, which he says feels more like his first. He exploded on the scene with a monster hit in 2015 with Wiz Khalifa, “See You Again.”  But they rushed to put out his first album with songwriters that didn’t know him, so the lyrics really meant nothing to him. By 2020, he kind of hit the breaks and started doing more on Tik Tok…but lost some confidence in his music.

It was a chance encounter with Elton John that changed everything in the most unexpected way. Elton was at the same restaurant Charlie was at when Charlie was thinking he needed to start over with this music, and Elton sent the maitre’d over saying he wanted to meet him. Then Elton proceeded to tell Charlie his music wasn’t very good!  OUCH!  But Charlie took that as confirmation of what he was just thinking 10 minutes prior.

That prompted him to fall back in love with music.

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