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Huggie’s Halloween Costume Ideas

Stuck on what to wear for Halloween?

Huggie’s Top 5 Halloween Costumes

Here are Huggie’s top 5 weirdest #Halloween costumes this year!

Trick Or Treating?

What if you can't go "Trick Or Treating" this year?

Create A Horror Story In 3 Words

Can you create a horror story in 3 words?

Dog Owners, Their Dogs, & “The Business”

Moral: don't get impatient; let nature do her work.

Huggie’s Desk: What’s Your Favorite Thing To Wear?

In this episode of "Huggie's Desk," Huggie ponders clothes.

Huggie’s Desk: Fortune

Is Huggie serious about making this change??

Sexy Mask?

Huggie is rolling in with a special #HuggiePSA. You know wearing a mask may not be sexy…

Huggie’s Desk: Action Figures

Do parents even still get these for kids?

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