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What Is Wordle?

What is this Wordle?

Katy Perry Reveals Fiance Orlando Bloom’s Worst Habit

During a recent interview, Katy Perry was asked what her fiance’s worst habit was. Katy Perry just…

Tom Brady Gifts Cancer Survivor Tickets To The Super Bowl

This is a great follow up to a story we shared a fews months ago…there was a…

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

How are you serving your community today?

Britney Spears Tells Her Sister “I Love You” After Criticizing Jamie Lynn Spears’ Interview

Britney Spears was NOT happy with what her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, said in a GMA interview…

‘Baby Shark’ Hits YouTube Milestone

Don't click or it'll be stuck in your head!! 🤣

You Laugh You Lose: His Name Is Steve

Kelly would like to kindly ask our boss NOT to watch this….kthanksbyeeeeee.

Neve Campbell Got Attacked By A Bear On Set

NOPITY NOPE NOPE!  Neve Campbell is doing press for the latest “Scream” movie and told “The Kelly…

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