Just about every news outlet yesterday ran with a story of JoJo Siwa saying Candace Cameron Bure was the rudest celebrity. Quick TikTok video…she didn’t explain why but that was the headline EVERYWHERE.  Instantly Candace is under fire and nobody really knows why.

So Candace did her own video explaining that she called JoJo to find out what that was about, to which JoJo said she didn’t think it would be picked up or a big deal.  Candace remembers meeting her at “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and thought it was a lovely interaction. Turns out, JoJo was meaning a time YEARS AGO they met on the red carpet for “Fuller House” when JoJo was 11-years-old and asked for her picture and Candace told her not now. She apologized to JoJo for breaking her 11-year-old heart and to JoJo’s mom for breaking her daughter’s heart. 

If this was such a big deal, why didn’t JoJo confront Candace when they met at “The Kelly Clarkson Show”?  Why vaguely call her out on TikTok and NOT understand EVERYBODY would make a big deal out of it??  Twitter erupted with character assassinations almost instantly. Candace says the lesson to learn here is that even a short 10 second clip on social media can cause damage to a person’s life. Instead, reach out in person to resolve whatever issue you have.


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