Britney Spears’s lawyer alleges she lacks the mental capacity to sign a sworn declaration in her conservatorship case, and her lawyer compared her inability to sign a document to a comatose patient.

During a hearing yesterday in Britney’s conservatorship case, the judge started asking questions about Britney wanting a co-conservator of her estate, to work alongside her dad Jamie Spears.

Britney’s lawyer had been conveying Britney’s feelings about the conservatorship to the court, and they got into a discussion as to whether all of that was inadmissible hearsay.

The judge asked Britney’s attorney, if Britney would sign a declaration, so there’d be a first-hand account of her feelings.

The attorney said Britney lacked the capacity to sign a declaration and compared her to a comatose patient. He was not saying she is comatose by any means, but he used it by way of example to show she was not capable of signing a legal document. The attorney said even comatose patients can have their lawyers speak for them.

The lawyers and the judge started discussing whether hearsay regarding Britney’s feelings were admissible, but the judge put the matter over to another day.

The way the issue of Britney’s declaration also came up her lawyer told the judge Britney does not want to perform again, but Jamie is intent on Britney resuming her career.



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