Britney Spears aired out some frustration to fans in a series of tweets, explaining why she ditched Instagram again. She said: “I shut down my Instagram because there were too many people saying I looked like an idiot dancing and that I looked crazy. Honestly I was doing my best but it disturbed me to see people freely talk about it on TV … yep it hurt my feelings,” she wrote.

Fans said they were worried when her account was deactivated and called cops for a wellness check on her.  She said that crossed the line.  “I’m shocked as hell that when I took my Instagram down fans got worried and sent the cops to my house … it really was uncalled for … l adore my fans but for those who did that aren’t real fans and I honestly felt like it was a way to make me look bad!”

She also talked about a story that she was ‘freaking out’ at a restaurant, saying she felt “traumatized” by three drunk women who “got right in my face” as soon as she sat down.


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