Bradley Cooper surprised even one of his besties with this story. He was a guest on good friend Dax Shepard’s the Armchair Expert podcast Monday and revealed a story he had never shared. Cooper said in October 2019, a stranger pulled a knife on him while he was on the subway in New York City. Cooper was wearing noise-canceling headphones, sunglasses and a hat trying to be “incognito” while going to pick up his daughter, who was 2½ years old at the time.

Dax Shepard (who struck up a friendship with Cooper in the 2012 movie Hit and Run), asked, “How are we best friends and I’m just learning” about this story?

“I realized I had gotten way, way too comfortable in the city. My guard was down,” continued Cooper.  So he explained he was at end of the subway when someone approached him. He thought at first it was someone asking for a selfie, however: “I look down and I see a knife.” “Now, I had my headphones on the whole time so I can’t hear anything. I’m just listening to music. It’s scored, the whole thing is scored,” Cooper said. “I see the person’s eyes. I’m taken by how young they are. And then, I’m sure you were taught this, you don’t ever run from knife, you just try to, like, stay there.”

But he “knocked” the attacker’s arm up and started running and jumped over the turnstile. The perp also started running away, so Cooper took pictures of him and approached police officers outside the subway station. Cooper said, “Then I got back in the subway and picked up my daughter. It was crazy.” Hear the whole conversation:


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