A Tennessee boy who addressed a message in a bottle to the tooth fairy after losing his tooth at a South Carolina beach received a reply.

Lucas was visiting Myrtle Beach with his family in June when he lost his tooth while boogie boarding and it disappeared. His mom helped him write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining the incident and the note was put inside a bottle and thrown into the ocean.  His mom was surprised when a package showed up at the family’s home months later. The package contained a letter addressed to the boy and signed by “The Tooth Fairy.”

The letter read, ”I hope you had a fun vacation at the beach! I’m so sorry that you lost your tooth in the surf. I got your message in the bottle, so I wasn’t worried about not finding it right away. Good news! Mermaids found your tooth and gave it to me! The mermaid wanted you to have this shark tooth to remember your vacation. Brush your teeth 2 times every day to keep them pretty for me. Flossing is good too. Stay safe.”  The package also contained a shark tooth necklace for him.





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