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A fifth grader in Missouri just made a huge difference for his elementary school. 

11-year-old Daken Kramer said, ‘This is my last year of elementary school, ‘While I can never repay this school for all of the hard work that has gone into my education and well-being, I would like to do something to show my gratitude.’

So he decided to raise money to pay off the school’s lunch debt. He started with making a video on his mom’s social media page asking local businesses to pitch in.  It got shared around to where donations were rolling in from other states! 

He recently turned in a check for more than $7,300 to pay off the school’s entire meal debt and then some.  His mom said he was initially trying to raise $3500 which would cover the debt, but ended up with so much he could give the rest to an area high school. 

He made such an impact the school created an award in his honor called the Daken Kramer Legacy Award. It will be an honor given to children his age who go out of their way to help people in need.

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