Billy McFarland is currently serving a six year sentence for fraud due to the disastrous Fyre Festival but that’s not stopping him from trying again!

A six year prison sentence on charges related to fraud due to the first Fyre Festival isn’t stopping Billy McFarland from upsetting people. He is hinting at a second edition to the first Fyre Festival. Yep…it sounds like he is actually that dumb. Here’s how it’s playing out.

He’s writing his memoir from the thug jug. In it, he claims to drop some info that the Hulu and Netflix documentaries left out.

Yeah…none of that happened. But I digress.

Billy is still on the hook for close to 3 million dollars even after auctioning off merchandise from Fyre. So he’s hoping the sales of his memoir will serve to pay back the investors he defrauded and fund a second edition to his doomed music festival. However, no matter how much he makes, he will never be able to pay back good old Andy King for what he was willing to do to save the first event.

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