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Billie Eilish had to the opportunity to sit down with a friend for an “Off the Cuff” interview for Vogue. If you remember Alex Wolff from The Naked Brothers Band on Nickelodeon, you’re already familiar with her interviewer! They essentially ask one another rapid-fire questions. There’s plenty to learn about one of your favorite artists during the video.

Some things you’ll learn about Billie during the chat:

  • She hates the sound of the chalk rubbing between her fingers when she’s rock climbing. Part of the issue is the feeling of the chalk.
  • Billie loves the sound of a big car engine starting though. And she agreed with Alex that she loves to hear a sleepy dog sigh.
  • She would send her 10-year-old self a message to tell Young Billie she can, has, and does call Justin Bieber anytime. And Justin will answer.
  • Billie is confident that she could learn to fly a plane.
  • She wore Air Force Ones to her first-ever red carpet appearance it was a Teen Vogue party.
  • She has always loved the look of Ugg boots, but “doesn’t wear animal products like that” and has never owned any.
  • Billie prefers the band Blur to Oasis.
  • She loves sweet and salty, but if she had to choose one over the other, she would pick sweet.


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