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“I don’t be crying. Like, I’m not a crying person,” Billie Eilish chuckles through tears as she gives a speech at Variety’s Power of Women event. She was honored as a “changemaker” for her work with her mother’s foundation, Support And Feed, which works to address climate change and food insecurity says TODAY.

She leans into her womanhood during the speech adding,

I have never felt truly like a woman and I’ve spent a lot of my life not feeling like I fit into being a woman.

And I think for a couple of years because of that insecurity, I became almost, like, very ‘pick me’ about it. And I’d be like, “well, I’m not like other girls because I don’t, ya know, do this and this.”

And I’ve grown to be very resentful of that period of time because I’m so much more interested in being like other girls because other girls are f—in’ tight.

Billie goes on to say she feels a lot of internalized misogyny, but feels very proud and grateful to be a woman.

She goes on to thank her mother, Maggie Baird, and jokes that she’s buy her anything she wants. By the way, estimates that Billie Eilish is worth $30 Million at the time of this blog.

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