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Billie Eilish was welcomed with chants of her own name to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and finally got to meet Colbert for the first time in person!

Billie talked about being nervous about being nervous about releasing an album for the first time in three years.

It’s like a big age difference, in a way.

You’re growing a lot in those years [between 19 and 22] and you’re just, like, learning about yourself.

She explained that she didn’t want to wait a long time to release the album with a lead up. It made it scary for her. She’s still shaking because it was so fast!

Then they dig into the making of the album cover for Hit Me Hard And Soft where she is submerged in water. Billie explains that it was the day after the last Grammy Awards night. She had just dyed her hair black and put on a tone of clothes AND A WEIGHT to hold her down in the water for the photoshoot. Billie says she has the visual in mind before she’s thinking about how getting the visual is going to make her feel.

Dude, I didn’t have a nose plug, so I was basically waterboarding myself for like six hours.

Billie went on to perform “Lunch” on the show:

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